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The Blackpages enterprise and supplier development portal is an innovative and multi-use online platform that links procurement managers to 100% black owned companies. It offers black enterprises the opportunity to feature their products or services on a national marketing platform accessed by corporate decision makers who are also registered members.

The main rationale for the establishment of the Blackpages was to provide an active network for the development of black enterprises through which they could grow their operations. Rather than remain unnoticed or on the margins, a platform such as the Blackpages entrenches their visibility and credibility, thereby bridging the gap between the opportunities and their access to them. This in turn reinforces the bigger vision of developing the economy of the country by escalating transactions between black business and the corporate sector.

Furthermore enterprise development is helped along, as businesses that now have to comply with more stringent B-BEE criteria, generate points on their scorecards by using legitimately 100% owned black enterprises. Procurement managers now have a much easier task of finding the right suppliers for their needs, given the comprehensive database listing and profiling available to them.

The portal also offers users access to learning and mentoring channels to ensure a systemic network of resources linked to business skills and knowledge for the activation of sustainable black enterprises.

It is a fast, cost effective and reliable solution for companies that want to bring black businesses into their supply chains. It also provides opportunities for small businesses to develop themselves through online training and access to various support services.

What began three years ago as an annual printed directory of black-owned enterprises has developed into a multi-purpose online platform with advanced functionality designed to suit the specific needs of both buyers and sellers.


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