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Blackpages is a powerful, online national directory connecting big business to smaller black enterprises to transform procurement in South Africa. Powered by the Supply Chain Network and Absa, Blackpages is the most efficient procurement interface on the market.

It is a platform to achieve transformation as it links big business to smaller black enterprises. Procurement professionals now have a tool, aided by ease of navigation, through which they can quickly search, filter and locate approved suppliers listed on the Blackpages database.

Procurement professionals have peace of mind knowing that the companies listed will be able to deliver the goods and services profiled on the site, and they will be able to select the most appropriate suppliers from the national database for their specific requirements.

Smart filters, easy navigation, saved search reports and advertised tenders will also ensure that smaller black enterprises will have a national presence and access to larger corporations. Being listed on the Blackpages supplier database, will ensure that suppliers and procurement professionals will be linked by industry, with targeted outcomes so that the best fit is achieved.

Standardised templates for tender submissions will take the headache out of the submission process, and will save on time and money as a result. Tender opportunities are also linked to industry-specific opportunities, facilitating an otherwise cumbersome process.

This all important online supplier and procurement directory is a must-have for every South African business. Become part of this network today.

The Blackpages membership goes a long way because it gives us exposure, because as a business you might not be able to afford the advertising in magazines or other procurement portals – basically it exposes us to the buyers of our services.


means change. It is a rally for action to mentor, partner and collaborate with black South African entrepreneurs, the key drivers to a new era of economic and social evolution.

The activation of fresh economic opportunities through the role of entrepreneurs is critically important and it is here that Black Umbrellas fulfills its fundamental mandate using business enterprise incubation as a strategy for economic development.

By offering passionate and dedicated entrepreneurs an incubator platform through which to grow their business ideas into profitable and sustainable enterprises, Black Umbrellas offers a vital conduit for revolutionizing economic activity in South Africa.

Cyril Ramaphosa Foundation

In 2009 the Cyril Ramaphosa Foundation partnered with Black Umbrellas to escalate the project countrywide with R5.2 million invested in the set up and operations of a Gauteng office.

Cyril Ramaphosa, chairman of the Cyril Ramaphosa Foundation, is deeply committed to the vision of Black Umbrellas as a catalyst in the development of entrepreneurs, a sector he has identified as critical to the empowerment of historically marginalized South Africans.

Shareholding in the Group is held in two trusts: The Fundani Education Trust and the Mabindu Business Development Trust, the latter of which supports Black Umbrellas.


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