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eTender TitleERFQStatusIssuer
Company Name
Issue DateClose Date
1Product2146920190424/C158675" 4K UHD Smart TV with wifi, casting and WiDi (PC to TV casting)IssuedSCNet (Pty) Limited2019-04-24 10:30:20 AM2019-04-29 12:00:00 PM
15SiteBriefing2139920190418/C1516Painting IssuedSCNet Esourcing Durban2019-04-18 01:57:38 PM2019-05-03 11:00:00 AM
15SiteBriefing2139820190418/C1515Cupboards to be removed IssuedSCNet Esourcing Durban2019-04-18 01:54:06 PM2019-05-03 10:30:00 AM
15SiteBriefing2139720190418/C1514Complete new flooring to be installed upstairsIssuedSCNet Esourcing Durban2019-04-18 01:52:18 PM2019-05-03 10:20:00 AM
15SiteBriefing2139620190418/C1513Broken windows to be replacedIssuedSCNet Esourcing Durban2019-04-18 01:50:39 PM2019-05-03 10:10:00 AM
15SiteBriefing2139520190418/C1512 Burglar guards to installedIssuedSCNet Esourcing Durban2019-04-18 01:49:16 PM2019-05-03 10:00:00 AM
15SiteBriefing2139320190418/C1510Current security gates to be removed and replacedIssuedSCNet Esourcing Durban2019-04-18 01:47:58 PM2019-05-03 10:00:00 AM
15SiteBriefing2139120190418/C1508Stairs to be installed (possibly spiral stairs due to space given)IssuedSCNet Esourcing Durban2019-04-18 01:40:12 PM2019-05-03 10:00:00 AM
15SiteBriefing2139020190418/C150716) All bathrooms need to be redone ( 9 x bathroom/toilet units)IssuedSCNet Esourcing Durban2019-04-18 01:38:34 PM2019-05-03 09:50:00 AM
15SiteBriefing2138920190418/C1506Removal of random placed sinksIssuedSCNet Esourcing Durban2019-04-18 01:35:50 PM2019-05-03 09:50:00 AM

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